Webinar – on the cusp: proposals to advance the cash reform

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While cash has benefited from an unprecedented attention from high level policy-makers in the build-up to the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), the Summit itself did not fully deliver on its promises. The call from the UN Secretary-General for cash-based assistance to become the default method of support for people in emergencies wherever possible was diluted into promises for incremental changes.

The WHS did generate an important momentum for change, which CaLP (The Cash Learning Partnership) believes is fertile ground to take decisive steps to implement a much-needed cash reform. The humanitarian sector needs to broadly re-shape what assistance is delivered, how and by whom, as well as the accountability mechanisms in place. It is important to continue advocating for and setting the foundations for a world in which multi-sectoral, unrestricted, ‘multipurpose’ cash is the preferred modality for response.

CaLP’s Agenda for Cash, developed in consultation with more than 40 organisations, with its visionary calls for action is the only document specifically coming out of the WHS with a clear and specific vision with regards to the bold changes that need to happen to bring about a true cash reform coming out the Summit. Through its Agenda for Cash, CaLP will take an active role in monitoring the implementation of commitments after the
WHS, aiming to complement other mechanisms established.

A greater localisation of humanitarian assistance and a focus on what actors do best are critical element of a more effective people-centred humanitarian assistance. This implies broad change to the roles of humanitarian actors in the provision of assistance and the involvement of new actors, not least from the private sector.

Such changes will only be achieved by altering the humanitarian institutional set-up and shifting the balance of power towards those new actors.


This webinar will explore the innovative pathways for change which are necessary to deliver on the initial vision of the WHS.

Come and engage with what this means in practice – with interventions from leading thinkers in humanitarian agencies; research institutes and the private sector.

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Date: 15 June 2016

Time: 9 AM EDT (New York) / 2 PM BST (UK) / 3 PM CEST (Geneva) / 4 PM EAF (Kenya)

Duration:  1 hour

Facilitator: Sara Almer – CaLP

Author: Oxfam
Archive blog. Originally posted on Oxfam Policy & Practice.