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Evaluation conferences present us with a valuable opportunity to share our latest thinking and learn from others. In this post, we share some of our M&E team’s recent and upcoming contributions to meetings of actors from the evaluation and development sectors.

It’s that time of year again…

Autumn is evaluation conference season, and Oxfam’s M&E teams have been busy at a number of events. We see formal evaluation events as useful in helping us to share some of our work and thinking, while also building relationships, linking in and learning from others. Here are a few things that we’ve been up to lately:

What Works Global Summit (26-28 September):

Oxfam’s Programme Quality Team presented a meta-analysis of our women’s empowerment effectiveness reviews – the project was led by Simone Lombardini and presented by Jonathan Lain.
Oxfam and Save the Children co-chaired a panel on the generation and use of evidence in NGOs, with presentations from Irene Guijt (Head of Research at Oxfam GB), Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva (Executive Director at Oxfam Mexico) and Hassan Noor (Save the Children Country Director in Somalia). We had a graphic recorder there to document the discussion – which resulted in the gorgeous graphic, below (click to enlarge).

European Evaluation Society conference  (26-30 September):

  •  Claire Hutchings presented a keynote address – “From Ferraris to Fiats: how real world contexts influence evaluation choices” at the biennial conference – read her full speech.
  • Also at EES, Jonathan Lain presented lessons learned from Oxfam’s experience in measuring resilience and Emily Tomkys shared some insight from our experience on using ICTs to conduct effectiveness reviews. Emily was a panel member alongside Linda Raftree, Kecia Bertermann, and Michael Bamberger on ICT and equity evaluation, discussing whether the use of ICTs in evaluation enhance inclusion and participation or re-confirming power structures and introduce new bias.
  • Kimberly Bowman will share discussion from our roundtable session on Evaluation Strategic Learning and Adaptive Management in a future blog – watch this space.

MERLTech Washington (3-4 October):

American Evaluation Association conference (24-29 October):

  •  Oxfam’s Senior MEL Advisor – Influencing, Marta Arranz, will be at the American Evaluation Association conference, sharing some of Oxfam’s thinking on indirect beneficiaries. Marta’s eager to link up with others interested in the topic, or others at AEA who work on similar issues. Get in touch with her by email.

 MERLTech London (20-21 February) – apply to participate:

  • In exciting news, we are bucking the autumn conference trend and will be hosting the first MERLTech London event in February 2017.  Spaces are limited; if you are interested in monitoring and evaluation, information and communications technologies and development, register your interest ASAP.
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