Ripple Effects: women in Nepal and Bangladesh forge their own paths in water governance

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In honour of International Women’s Day (March 8th) and World Water Day (March 22nd), this episode discusses how water systems and water governance are deeply intertwined with women’s lives in riverine communities in Bangladesh and Nepal.
We learn about women’s rarely discussed roles in fisheries and how River Camps in Bangladesh offer supportive environments for women to meet with leaders and share local water governance issues.
In Nepal, we hear about Women’s Empowerment Centres and how women receive technical training to become Citizen Scientists and advocates that report their findings to policymakers.
Suman Gupta (Oxfam in Nepal) and Nuzhat Nearey (Oxfam in Bangladesh) share their experience with the TROSA project (Transboundary Rivers of South Asia) with Oxfam in Nepal and in Bangladesh.

In this episode, we ask critical questions. How are women involved in water governance in their communities? What are the impacts on their livelihoods, emergency preparedness, unpaid care and their households? Join us for an engaging discussion that links SDG 5 & 6 and speaks to the power of women as community-centred, localised knowledge holders on water in Nepal and Bangladesh.

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Photo credit: Fabeha Monir/Oxfam
Fishing after the cyclone. 
Abdul and his wife fish near Sundarban after returning from the flood shelter. Shamnagar, Bangladesh


Suman Gupta


Nuzhat Nueary

Nuzhat Nueary is Water Insecurity and Climate Policy Coordinator at Oxfam International


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