Podcast – Maggie’s Journey: Climate, COVID and Care

Power in the Pandemic Podcast Climate Change, Gender

I think, African voices and the voices of black African women are very much missing when it comes to the discourse around climate the climate crisis” – Maggie Mapondera

This is the second episode of a new mini-series, in collaboration with the Climate, Covid, and Care: Feminist Journeys zine which launched on the 24th of August, 2020. This publication is a collection of journeys, stories, and ideas from five feminist activists working at the intersection of gender and climate justice.

In this episode, we hear from Maggie Mapondera an activist-communicator-facilitator from Zimbabwe. She has been involved with feminist and social justice movements globally and particularly in Southern Africa for more than half of her life. She currently works with Womin, an organisation supporting and allying with women impacted by extractivism.

Maggie discusses questions of race, systemic violence, climate change and COVID. She wants to break down the silos which separate these issues and understand them as interlinking issues that exacerbate one another.
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Link and resources

Womin – the organisation Maggie works for

An interview with Maggie on Gender IT

Power Shifts Project

Host and narration: Maria Faciolince 
Production and audio editing: Bethany Donkin
Portrait of Maggie by Maanya Shar