Betty’s journey: Climate, Covid and Care

Power in the Pandemic Podcast Climate Change, Gender

“Just because the entire world was on lockdown, doesn’t mean that climate change or the patriarchy was on lockdown. The patriarchy is not on lockdown. Climate change cannot be contained” – Betty Barkha

This is the second episode of a new mini-series, in collaboration with the Climate, Covid, and Care: Feminist Journey’s zine which launched on the 24th of August, 2020. This publication is a collection of journeys, stories, and ideas from five feminist activists working at the intersection of gender and climate justice.

In this episode, we hear from Betty Barkha, a climate activist from Latouka in the Fiji Islands. 

The Pacific Islands are experiencing the life altering effects of the climate crisis as we speak. Sea levels are rising, increasing intensity of tropical cyclones, saltwater intrusions, coastal erosion, submersion of islands and much more…

Betty offers insight into Pacific Island life and how answers can be found in the leaders and activists in the community.

Betty also discusses the climate justice eco-system, the role of gender in the climate crisis and how Covid has heightened the visibility of issues of climate and gender inequality.

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Links and resources:

The Civicus Alliance

The Association of Women in Development (AWID)

FRIDA’s Young Feminist Fund

The Global Resilience Fund for Young Women and Girls

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Host and narration: Maria Faciolince 
Production and audio editing: Bethany Donkin
Portrait of Betty by Maanya Shar