How can we create Feminist Futures?

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This episode hosts a conversation recorded last September 2020 during a virtual encounter around Creating Feminist Futures. María Faciolince, our host and moderator, is joined by three visionary feminists from around the world: Crystal Simeoni (Director at Nawi: Afrifem Macroeconomics Collective), Meera Ghani (Policy coordinator at Ecolise, Co-founder of Moxie Consultancy Collective) and Maria José Moreno (Global Gender Justice Director at Oxfam International).

One of the shared solutions, or antidotes to systems of violence at the root of intersecting inequalities, is to center care. The concept of care becomes pretty radical, as we must ask ourselves how to disrupt this paradigm of carelessness and promote the actions necessary in defence of our collective futures. This exploration engages in some of the following questions: What can care look like in practice? Which principles should underly the narrative of ‘building back better’ in re-building a post-pandemic feminist future? How can care as a right be articulated in contexts where basic human rights are violated? How do we visibilize care work within organizations? 

Tune in to hear what care-centered, justice-oriented feminist futures can look like, the potential of the present moment, and get inspired by the feminist realities these women are building and imagining.

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Host and script: María Faciolince 

Production and audio editing: Bethany Donkin


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