Meera’s Journey: Climate, Covid and Care

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If we want to move away from systems of violence we have to reimagine a world that centres care” – Meera Ghani

In this final episode of the Climate, Covid and Care series, we hear from Meera Ghani, a climate justice activist, anti-racist and anti-capitalist feminist, and abolitionist from Pakistan. Meera works to support community initiatives with Ecolise and co-founded the Moxie Consultancy Collective to help organisations create transformative change through building a culture of care.

The moment we find ourselves in amid intersecting crisis – Covid 19 pandemic, climate breakdown and gender injustice, to name some, is a prime opportunity to think about what care looks like in practice. In this episode, Meera invites us to do just that. She zooms in on the violent systems at the root of these overlapping violences and offers some pointers towards rethinking and re-building systems to create kinder futures, starting from our intimate spaces of action. Taking some examples of the climate crisis in Pakistan, as well as examples of community-led solutions she’s encountered through her work, Meera opens a rich discussion highlighting the need to place equity at the centre of work on global climate justice.

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Host and narration: Maria Faciolince 

Production and audio editing: Bethany Donkin

Portrait of Meera by Maanya Shar

This series was done in collaboration with the Climate, Covid, and Care: Feminist Journeys zine, a collection of journeys, stories, and ideas from five feminist activists working at the intersection of gender and climate justice.


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