Introducing The Impact Talk Podcast from Oxfam Novib & the “Power of Citizens’ Voices” Series

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“People living on the frontlines of inequality have the solutions, and leaders all over the world should pay attention to what people are saying are tangible solutions”
Antonia Musunga, Kenya National Coordinator, Fight Inequality Alliance, and guest on Episode 1 of the Impact Talk Podcast.

Oxfam Novib announces the launch of The Impact Talk Podcast with the “Power of Citizens’ Voices” series. This four-part series explores the impacts and lessons learned from the work done by Oxfam and its partner organisations in supporting citizens to voice their demands for a just world without poverty and inequality.

Through conversations with civil society leaders, activists and Oxfam colleagues from Kenya, Afghanistan, Uganda, Nigeria, Cambodia and The Netherlands, hosts Patrick Guyer and Lisanne Hekman explore how raising the voices of citizens drives impact on critical topics like conflict and security, the right to food, and securing the financing needed for development.

The series kicks off with a discussion on the importance of mobilizing the voices of citizens, featuring Michiel Servaes, Executive Director Oxfam Novib, Antonia Musunga, Kenya National Coordinator for the Fight Inequality Alliance, and Valentina Montanaro, Southern Programme and Campaign Lead on Inequality, Oxfam Novib.

“If one really wants to make a structural difference, it needs to come from the people,” says Servaes, emphasizing the need to speak out and demand one’s rights as key to this structural change. Musunga reflects on the work done by the Fight Inequality Alliance – a group of leading non-profits, civil rights activists and other civil society organisations- in engaging with “people living on the frontlines of inequality,” in Kenya and elsewhere to work with citizens and policymakers to make a more equal world with quality public services for all a reality.

Episode 2: Integrating Women into the Afghan National Police Force

Take a listen to episodes 2 in the series which features stories about integrating women into the Afghan National Police force (Episode 2, available February 2nd).

Upcoming episodes

Episode 3 will look at Fighting for fairer tax systems in The Netherlands, Uganda and beyond  (Episode 3, out February 9th).

In episode 4 we will look at the issue of demanding the right to food in Cambodia and Nigeria (Episode 4, out February 16th).

The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify and Deezer and can be streamed on the Oxfam Novib Website. For more information, please contact Patrick Guyer ( or Sunanda Poduwal ( at the Impact Measurement & Knowledge team of Oxfam Novib.


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