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Samia lives with her husband and three of her children in Filippiada, north-west Greece. She is hoping to be reunited with her other two children who are in Germany. She has not seen her son now for two years and her daughter for six months.Photo credit: Felipe Jacome/Oxfam 2017

Dear Family: Refugees in Greece write to their loved ones

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Forced migration separates families. It wrenches children from their parents and grandparents, separates siblings, forces partners to live apart, and destroys extended family networks. During the past months Oxfam has interviewed people that have been stranded in Greece and asked them to share their experiences during their perilous journeys to Europe and the separation from their families. The right to …

A letter to Sainsbury’s

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This is a joint agency letter sent to Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe following the announcement of the “Fairly Traded” tea pilot and the creation of the new Sainsbury’s Sustainability Standards.  Dear Mike, Following the announcement of Sainsbury’s “Fairly Traded” tea pilot and the creation of the new Sainsbury’s Sustainability Standards, we are writing to express a number of serious concerns. Although …

As part of Oxfam’s cholera response in Juba, South Sudan, teams of public health volunteers have been teaching affected communities about the importance of keeping themselves and their environment clean. May 2014. Kieran Doherty/Oxfam.

How humanitarian effectiveness reviews impact our WASH programming

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How Oxfam is using monitoring and evaluation to improve programming on water, sanitation and hygiene in Zimbabwe and beyond. By Katie Whitehouse (Global Urban WASH & Markets Advisor, Oxfam) and Parvin Ngala (WASH & Markets Project Manager, Oxfam Zimbabwe). A key challenge for the sector is translating monitoring and evaluation activities into programme change in the future. The recent publication of WASH …

A women walks the aisle as a boy looks on in a bus traveling from Mingkaman to Juba. Credit: Mackenzie Knowles Coursin/Oxfam

Sexual harassment and victimization of women on public transport

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It is estimated 35% of women globally have experience sexual violence, with many more reporting sexual harassment. In the rise of urban living, how does this affect gender equality in today’s world? Yasemin Irvin-Erickson and Annie Gurvis from the Justice Policy Center examine how this can be tackled.  The past 40 years have seen dramatic changes in the policy, practice, and research on …