Podcast: The politics of counting, review of “The Uncounted” with Alex Cobham

Amy Moran Book Banter, Inequality, Tax

We speak to the Tax Justice Network‘s Alex Cobham about his upcoming book “The Uncounted”, which gives an insight into the politics of counting. Franziska Mager from Oxfam GB, also joins us to give her perspective as a researcher on inequality. We discuss who’s missing from the stats at the very bottom and the very top of society, and how …

How smart technology can ensure a continuous water supply

Amy Moran Water

Providing accessible, safe, sustainable water and sanitation services to everyone on the planet is one of the most critical development challenges we face. This podcast focuses on how smart technology is being used in Kenya and the work that Oxfam and Diaspora AI are doing in the informal settlements of Nairobi. It showcases how it can ensure a more consistent …

How loans from philanthropists to NGOs could work

Amy Moran Aid

[buzzsprout episode=’2559208′ player=’true’] This podcast focuses on the role of philanthropy in development, and shares the learning from a recent loan agreement made to Oxfam, which is considered ground-breaking for the sector. We speak to Talal Shakerchi, the head of Meditor Trust who gave the loan, and Bridie Layden from Oxfam GB’s Philanthropy & Partnerships team, who coordinated the process. …

What are the best desalination solutions?

Amy Moran Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

[buzzsprout episode=’2559226′ player=’true’] As levels of salt in the world’s water systems rise, access to drinking water is a major concern. What desalination solutions are available? And how should NGOs be using these technologies? Our new briefing provides an overview of existing and emerging technology for cost-efficient and low-energy desalination in Asia. In this podcast Oxfam’s Tom Wildman, and Chinmayee Subban and Kate Boden …

Would you care more about inequality, if you understood the scale of it?

Amy Moran Inequality, Methodology

[buzzsprout episode=’2559235′ player=’true’] This podcast looks at people’s perceptions of inequality, what they care about and what they want done about it. Taken from research commissioned for Oxfam by Christopher Hoy at the Australia National University, we give an insight into how this data can be used for campaigning work. As part of Oxfam’s release of Reward Work, Not Wealth for …

Reward work, not wealth infographic

Amy Moran Inequality

This week Oxfam released its Reward Work, Not Wealth report, to raise awareness about the scale of inequality globally. Below is a snapshot infographic, pulling out the key charts and stats from the report.  [infogram id=”7b56d939-ca6f-4174-8d80-94234bf35be8″ prefix=”UGm” format=”interactive” title=”Reward work, not wealth”]

‘Domestic work cannot be the only destiny’: Interview with FENATRAD

Amy Moran Gender, Women's Economic Empowerment

At the recent AWID Forum in Brazil, Oxfam talked to Creuza Oliveira, President of the National Federation of Domestic Workers (FENATRAD) of Brazil. Below she comments on the importance of the Forum, the advances made for Brazilian workers and the impact of inequality.  ccording to Oxfam report Privileges that Deny Rights, Latin America´s women have an employment rate that is …

Womens rights in Mexico: Interview with ProDESC and ACASAC

Amy Moran Gender

Recently at the AWID Forum 2016 we interviewed two of Oxfam Mexico’s partners to talk about the challenges and opportunities they face as women’s rights organisations in the country. We spoke to Norma Cacho from Proyecto de Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales, A.C. (ProDESC) and Teresa Olvera from Asesoría, Capacitación y Asistencia en Salud, A.C. (ACASAC). Oxfam: Tell us about your organisation …