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Anna Kondakhchyan

Anna Kondakhchyan

Anna is ICT in Programme Humanitarian Adviser. She advises on applications of information and communications technologies in Oxfam's humanitarian response and longer term resilience building programmes.

Food distribution queues at Shafiullah Ghata Camp, Bangladesh, October 2017. Credit: Kamila Stepien / Oxfam

To use or not to use biometrics? Help us answer the question

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Biometric technologies such as iris scanning, fingerprint or facial recognition, have opened up exciting new possibilities for humanitarian aid delivery, but the potential risks are high. That’s why Oxfam is looking for a consultant to conduct research into the safe use of biometrics in humanitarian response: is this an area you are working in? Imagine if you had lost everything …

IDPs wait in line to receive aid at an Oxfam distribution. The unconditional cash transfer is for the most vulnerable people affected by the current war in the country. Khamer district, Yemen.

Cash transfers: A catalogue of solutions

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ICT in Programme Humanitarian Advisor, Anna Kondakhchyan reflects on an exciting new initiative designed to help practitioners navigate the ins and outs of electronic cash transfers. s Oxfam increasingly defaults to distributing cash, instead of items, in emergencies we’re seeing more opportunities to provide timely, inclusive, secure and reliable payments through the use of electronic transfers such as mobile money, …