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Brian McSorely

Brian McSorely

Brian is a Water & Sanitation Engineering Adviser for the Horn and East Africa region. He first joined Oxfam in 2003 as a Public Health Engineering Adviser in Eritrea. In 2006 he became WASH Coordinator for Oxfam in Kenya, responsible for overseeing Oxfam's water and sanitation work to pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya, as well as residents of Nairobi slums and refugees.Between 2010-2013 Brian managed Oxfam's refugee programme in Dadaab, which provided water and sanitation to over 80,000 refugees. Brian took up his current role as a technical adviser in April 2016.

Solar panels

Solar pumps, the simple solution we’ve been looking for?

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Brian McSorely introduces to solar pumps, the developments he’s seen over his career and his hopes for the technology for the future. Whilst World Water Day is a time to remind ourselves of the injustice that up to one billion people still lack access to safe water, this year I am going to focus on the positive achievements that I’ve …