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Caroline Baxter Tresise

Caroline Baxter Tresise

Caroline Baxter Tresise is a specialist in Youth, Sport Policy and Sustainable Urban Development. Caroline is a full-time consultant at UNESCO, Bangkok, within the Social and Human Sciences Unit. She is responsible for several UNESCO programmes, including coordinating the Asia-Pacific preparations for the Sixth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS VI), developing the strategy for UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Coalition for Cities Against Discrimination (APCAD) and the design and implementation of other regional programmes to foster intercultural dialogue, youth civic engagement and urban resilience.Caroline is passionate about cities and local governance, which includes developing frameworks for intervention in public policy.

Black Jack Coffee Shop Banda Aceh. Credit: Kupi Culture

How entrepreneurship can support post-disaster recovery

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Post-disaster situations can open up opportunities for small businesses, boosting the local economy and enabling disaster-affected communities to support themselves. Caroline Baxter Tresise reflects on the role of coffee shops in Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami. The role of entrepreneurs in post-disaster community recovery should be supported and encouraged as entrepreneurs occupy key positions when assessing and planning for rapidly …