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Corrie Sissons

Corrie Sissons

Corrie is Oxfam's Emergency Food Security and Vulnerable Livelihoods Coordinator. She works to manage the portfolio of cash and voucher, livelihood and food assistance work that Oxfam is running.

A market stall at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Credit: Corrie Sissons, Oxfam

Reaching refugees and boosting small businesses in Bangladesh

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By providing emergency cash or vouchers Oxfam can help people in crisis to get desperately needed food and other items, while boosting local businesses at the same time. Corrie Sissons explains what this looks like in Oxfam’s Rohingya Crisis response. At Oxfam we help those in crisis to meet their emergency needs in a way which does no harm. This …

Women and children arrive in the small host community in Panyijar county. They walked for 5 or 6 days before getting to their current location. The community is sharing all its food with new arrivals. They survive off fish and water lillies. Credit: Bruno Bierrenbach Feder/Oxfam

South Sudan: though famine has ceased hunger has spread

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As war torn South Sudan reaches its sixth birthday is there any cause for celebration? Tragically not much, as Corrie Sissons explains. Although there is no longer a technical ‘famine,’ more people than ever are going hungry. The recent declaration that famine in South Sudan has been halted was rightly celebrated. However, dig deeper than the headlines and it becomes …

The value of vouchers: Innovation and empowerment in Iraq

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Corrie Sissons introduces a new e-voucher technology helping to meet the unique needs of households living through the Iraq crisis. The changing nature of humanitarian crises in a modern world means that agencies like Oxfam need to adapt to ensure we meet needs in an effective way. Oxfam in Iraq has been piloting a new approach that does just that; …

Female Cash for Work Beneficiaries in Housseini Village, Iraq. Credit: Oxfam

CLARA: How a livelihoods and risk assessment tool is supporting women’s economic empowerment

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There are more than 3.3 million displaced people in Iraq. Women and girls, and their ability to participate in livelihoods, have been particularly affected by this displacement. In this blog Corrie Sissons explains how the Cohort Livelihoods and Risk Assessment (CLARA) tool has been informing programme design and liveli­hood initiatives that can safely seed longer-term recovery. hen a shock happens, …