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Daniel Morchain

Daniel Morchain

Daniel is Global Adviser on Climate Change Adaptation at Oxfam GB and works on a number of initiatives around climate change adaptation, as well as gender justice, such as the Gendered Enterprise and Markets (GEM) initiative.worked with local authorities, and smallholder farmers in developing and implementing strategies to adapt to climate change and to increase resilience.

Amina Hassen collecting water from a well dug by villagers in Harisso. They have been working for more than three hours to fill their leather bags (Kerid) with water. The holes are getting drier making it more difficult to get water from them. Often water collected this way is not suitable for drinking. Amina is seven months pregnant. Ethiopia. Credit: Abiy Getahun/Oxfam

Does knowledge matter in setting the development agenda?

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Are marginalised people being overlooked in decision making processes around development and adaptation? Daniel Morchain reflects on the relationship between knowledge and power to influence outcomes. The more I think about development challenges, and the more I see and hear people talking about them, the more I think they come down to a struggle between knowledge and power. Knowledge in the …

Mural in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Why must climate change be de-naturalised and re-politicised?

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Food insecurity, conflict and climate change are among many stresses often originated in or made worse by bad, unrepresentative governance. Daniel Morchain, Global Adviser on Climate Change Adaptation, examines the biased nature in which climate change is often approached and calls for a more complex framing in order to avoid missing its manifold dimensions. he reason why taking photographs has …

A beneficiary of an Oxfam livelihoods programme, and her son. in Mpana village, Malawi.

Shaking up the system: Improving the tea industry and workers lives in Malawi

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One year into Malawi 2020 Daniel Morchain looks how some of the stakeholders are working with the tea labourers central to the project to ensure that the tea industry in Malawi meets its responsibilities and leads the way in being socially responsible, just and fair. alawi’s economy runs on tobacco, tea, sugarcane and coffee. In the Southern districts of Mulanje …

The challenge of climate change adaptation in the Philippines

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Successful adaptation to changing weather patterns depends on cooperation and commitment from across government and civil society reflects Daniel Morchain. Conducting a multi- stakeholder vulnerability and risk assessment should help bring about adaptation plans which are inclusive and flexible. Successful adaptation to changing weather patterns depends on cooperation and commitment from across government and civil society reflects Daniel Morchain. Conducting …

Conducting a vulnerability risk assessment in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Credit Oxfam

What we’ve learned about vulnerability assessments and how to do them

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How can a development intervention achieve positive change for all, especially the poorest and most marginalised? Conducting a vulnerability risk assessment, using our new guide, would be a good start. Daniel Morchain, Global Adviser on Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience and Agriculture, explains. We all experience our own reality based on our individuality, our social capital, the context we live in …

Credit: Oxfam.

Assessing vulnerability to prioritise interventions – lessons from a South Caucasus village

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We live in an uncertain world; here Daniel Morchain describes an approach to vulnerability and impact assessment he recently used in Armenia in order to reduce uncertainty and make our interventions as effective as possible. Remember that classic line by Forrest Gump, “my mama always said life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”? …