Podcast: Book banter

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[buzzsprout episode=’2559250′ player=’true’] Franziska Mager and Deborah Hardoon take to the air waves to share their thoughts on two books that deal with the economy, wealth and inequality. The Great Escape, by Angus Deaton, and Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong by Morten Jerven.

Can a new Index measure whether governments are serious about reducing inequality?

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Deborah Hardoon, Deputy Head of Research at Oxfam GB, needs your help with an ambitious new Index on reducing inequality. Tell us what you think in this 5 minute survey As a researcher working on inequality, there are plenty of data and statistics for me to analyse, model and generate ‘killer stats’ from. Of course, there are many data gaps, …

Have economists got Africa wrong?

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Deborah Hardoon, Oxfam’s Deputy Head of Research, kicks off a new series of book reviews for those who want to delve deeper into development and humanitarian issues, beginning with Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong by Morten Jerven. Book Banter Are you looking for some inspiring reading? Short on time or don’t know where to begin? Oxfam’s researchers review their latest …

Extreme inequality and the push for an alternative future

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Deborah Hardoon introduces our new report, ‘An Economy for the 99%‘ and argues that extreme inequality and a crisis in economics have created the appetite for an alternative vision for the future. erd Alert. As a student of economics, I always found the technical aspects of the subject deeply satisfying. Getting to the ‘right’ answer using algebra and statistics, solving …

The politics of inequality; who is measuring what and why?

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Our latest real geek instalment explores different measurements of inequality and how our understanding of the data they produce is crucial to the issue as a whole. here is no one ‘right’ way to measure anything. That’s what measurement is; one way to quantify out of many.  There can of course be a wrong way and plenty of statisticians work …

Inequality and violence

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In this blog Deborah Hardoon explores the wider social impact of inequality, and in particular the relationship between inequality and violence. At Oxfam, I have focused my research on the evidence behind our global campaign on inequality, which highlights the trend of extreme and rising inequality. At the global level, we found that 62 individuals have the same amount of …

Our stats struck a nerve, now let’s hit back against inequality

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Oxfam’s latest inequality report and stats have prompted some lively debate in the run up to the World Economic Forum. Here Deborah Hardoon, Deputy Head of Research, explains how we came up with the stats and why we’re confident about our findings. Oxfam made headlines this week with our stats on wealth inequality, particularly the finding that the 62 richest …

Fortunes for the fortunate – all 62 of them

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The gap between the richest and the poorest in the world is growing at an alarming rate. In the run up to the World Economic Forum Deborah Hardoon, Deputy Head of Research, introduces Oxfam’s latest inequality data and shares her personal reflections from two years of work on these shocking statistics. wo years ago, Oxfam made headlines when we crunched …