East Africa vs Ukraine: two tragedies, two very different responses

Duncan Green Drought, Food security, Humanitarian

East Africa is facing its second hunger crisis in a decade, yet it barely registers in the news, and the international system is failing… How did the humanitarian system end up in this mess? Duncan Green on the stark messages from the new Oxfam/Save The Children paper, Dangerous Delay 2, a follow-up to the briefing Dangerous Delay, which warned of the need for change back in 2012

We’re changing up ‘From Poverty to Power’

Duncan Green General

In the 11 years since I launched this blog, it’s churned out getting on for 2 million words across 2,500+ posts, generating 12,600 comments (thanks everyone). It’s time to change things up.

How can NGOs get better at using evidence to influence governments and companies?

Duncan Green Influencing, Methodology, Research

Duncan Green reflects on the Oxfam Research Network’s recent ‘Evidence for Influencing’ Conference, Organised by the Oxfam Research Network and hosted by Konkatkt de Kontinenten in the Netherlands.  This week I attended an ‘Evidence for Influencing’ conference in the Netherlands. A couple of Oxfam colleagues had started planning it as a small event, and then found such interest in the topic that …