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Emily Tomkys Valteri

Emily Tomkys Valteri

Emily is ICT in Programme Officer at Oxfam GB. she supports staff with applications of ICTs within their work. She specialises in mobile data collection, and coordinating Oxfam's work on how ICTs can be used within monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL). Emily also co-organised the MERL Tech conference in London in 2017.

Fieldwork in Zambia. Credit: Milagros Gismondi/Oxfam

What we’ve learnt about sharing real-time data


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At Oxfam we are continually developing our use of digital technology for surveys. Here Simone Lombardini and Emily Tomkys Valteri reflect on lessons learnt from the process of using and sharing real-time data during fieldwork to conduct Oxfam’s Effectiveness Reviews. In 2015 Oxfam’s Impact Evaluation Advisers started using digital devices to conduct household surveys for Oxfam’s Effectiveness Reviews (ex-post, quasi-experimental …

How to meaningfully categorise feedback


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Feedback is essential for accountability and evaluation of programmes. Here, Destelia Ngwenya, gives an overview of the Your Word Counts project which addresses the accountability culture in our programme teams.  Through the scale up of the Your Word Counts project, Oxfam will be addressing the accountability culture in our programme teams. First piloted in Jordan, we are extending to four more countries …

Oxfam workers build pipeline, Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan

Building trust through accountability

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Oxfam’s Humanitarian Informal Feedback project funded by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) has recently come to a close. Here Project Manager Emily Tomkys shares the evaluation report  and delves deeper into one specific finding: the link between trust and accountability. eceiving feedback from communities that organisations like Oxfam work with is an essential pillar of ensuring our work is responsive …

Mobile surveys: The past, the present, the future

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Since 2013 mobile surveys have become increasingly important to our survey processes at Oxfam, and across the sector. Emily Tomkys shares some of the key learning that has contributed to the latest Mobile Survey Toolkit, now available online to all development practitioners.     t has been a long journey from when most of Oxfam’s data collection used paper and …