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Franc Cortada

Franc Cortada

Franc Cortada Hindersin joined Oxfam International as Global Program Director in April 2012.Franc is responsible for leading Oxfam's long term and humanitarian programs, as well as knowledge and institutional fundraising agendas. With the support of his team he ensures the overall management and delivery of Oxfam’s program work across more than 70 country and regional offices. Franc has successfully led and contributed to transformational changes within Oxfam.Franc has more than 20 years of experience in international development. Before joining Oxfam International, Franc was director of the international program department of Intermon Oxfam.Franc is also a chartered civil engineer (specialising in hydraulics and energy). He has broad experience of program work, including periods in Senegal, El Salvador, Romania and Argentina. Franc has two masters degrees, in Development Aid and in Social Exclusion & Cultural Diversity. Until 2014, he taught on engineering in emergencies in several Spanish universities.

Families make their way to safety in south west Mosul, February 2017. Credit: Tommy Trenchard

Life after ISIS: Reflections from Iraq

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Oxfam is working with conflict affected communities and internally displaced people in Iraq. Franc Cortada, Oxfam’s Program Director, recently visited the country and was impressed by people’s determination to get on with their lives in the midst of large scale devastation. On my recent visit to Iraq I had the chance to meet Oxfam’s teams on the ground and see …