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Francesca Rhodes

Francesca Rhodes

Francesca is Gender Policy Adviser for Oxfam GB's in campaigns, policy and influencing team. In particular, she leads on gender policy within the Even It Up campaign, focused on tackling extreme economic inequality. This includes leading on research and advocacy on unpaid care work, women, work and wages and gender and public services.

Reward work, not wealth: How can we solve the inequality crisis?

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In this podcast, we speak to the authors and advisers of a new Oxfam report Reward work, not wealth, and discuss the links between inequality and poverty, as well as the solutions that governments and the private sector should adopt. Last year saw the biggest increase in billionaires in history, one more every two days. This huge increase could have …

Three ways to change the economy to make it work for women

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Women’s economic empowerment is an issue that is gaining an increased amount of attention, yet it still seems to be an increasingly distant goal. Here Francesca Rhodes looks at three key changes needed to address a broken system. Around the world, women are disadvantaged compared to men across virtually every economic measure and are more likely to live in poverty. …

Oxfam’s engagement at the Commission on the Status of Women

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The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the global policy making body concerning women’s rights and gender equality issues. Francesca Rhodes and Vincent Trousseau explore how and why it represents a unique opportunity to influence governments to take bold action. The Commission and what it means to Oxfam Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) is an integral part of Oxfam’s …

Neem Mibimba, 28, President of the Women's Forum. Credit: Eleanor Farmer

Commentaries on women’s economic empowerment

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new blogging series focusing on women’s economic empowerment (WEE) and equality with contributors from Oxfam, INGOs, women’s organisations and academia. Francesca Rhodes, Gender Policy Advisor, introduces the series.  hroughout August, Oxfam Policy and Practice in collaboration with the WEE Agriculture Knowledge Hub, will be hosting and highlighting discussions and research on women’s …