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Graham Whitham

Graham Whitham

Graham is Senior Policy Advisor on UK Poverty and Inequality at Oxfam GB.

A group of workers from the University of the West of Scotland

Understanding the position of women in the UK labour market

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Graham Whitham, Senior Policy Advisor on UK Poverty and Inequality, introduces to some of the key findings of the recent report, Women, work and wages and the UK. he labour market position of women in the UK has been generally improving, with higher employment rates and increases in earnings. However, on these measures, women still fare worse in the job …

Inequality and division in the UK: Ensuring the economy works for everyone

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The UK is one of the most unequal nations in the developed world. This blog highlights the nature of poverty and inequality and calls on Prime Minister Theresa May to ensure that employment offers a route out of poverty. lobally a consensus is emerging that more needs to be done to halt rising economic inequality. Twin goals to reduce poverty …