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Irene de Goede

Irene de Goede

Irene de Goede works at Oxfam Novib as a Global Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Advisor. In this role, she contributes to the effectiveness of advocacy and campaigns through research and evaluations. Irene is co-leading the influencing working group of the Oxfam Research Network and is chair of Oxfam’s Evidence for Influencing Conference.

Credit: James Akena / Oxfam Novib

Evidence for influencing: why we’re excited about the first Oxfam Research Network conference


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For social justice what needs to change, who holds the power and how do we achieve it? Irene Guijt and Irene de Goede introduce first conference on the evidence processes needed for influencing, where these questions and more will be discussed with 150 experts from Oxfam and the wider sector. Influencing for social justice is a journey during which many …