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Irene Guijt

Irene Guijt

Irene leads Oxfam GB's research team, which uses evidence to influence economic, environmental, and social justice. Prior to joining Oxfam in 2015, Irene worked for 25 years in rural development, natural resource management, collective action and social justice. She is a keen advocate for making the less heard voices more audible and influential.

Credit: James Akena / Oxfam Novib

Evidence for influencing: why we’re excited about the first Oxfam Research Network conference


Influencing, Research 2 Comments

For social justice what needs to change, who holds the power and how do we achieve it? Irene Guijt and Irene de Goede introduce first conference on the evidence processes needed for influencing, where these questions and more will be discussed with 150 experts from Oxfam and the wider sector. Influencing for social justice is a journey during which many …

Heading out for a day of research in Bangui. Credit: Franziska Mager/Oxfam

Agile research in the risky realities of the Central African Republic


General, Humanitarian, Methodology, Real Geek, Research 0 Comments

Conducting research in volatile locations like the Central African Republic (CAR) requires the agility to constantly adapt. Irene Guijt and Franziska Mager report back from a recent trip with unexpected twists and turns. Conducting research in a country like the Central African Republic with chronic conflict – and around half a million internally displaced people (1/8th of the national population!) …