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Jane Kato-Wallace

Jane Kato-Wallace

Jane Kato-Wallace is a Senior Program Officer at Promundo. Her experience centers on program development, training, and research related to engaging men and boys. She played a large role in the development and expansion of the Global MenCare Campaign, and currently trains international partners on implementing Program P, a gender-transformative, multi-pronged approach to engaging men as caregivers.

Grace Aloyo, 23 and Mark Olara, 30 years old, have been married for 7 years and they have 5 children, including a pair of twin girls. Credit: Julius Ceaser Kasujja/Oxfam

Why men matter in closing the caregiving divide

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Jane Kato-Wallace, Senior Program Officer at Promundo-US, highlights the implications for organisations addressing the caregiving divide. The unpaid care work divide represents an enduring aspect of gender inequality. But what do we mean by “unpaid care work”? According to the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, it consists of: “Domestic work and direct care of persons carried …