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Jasem Al-Wrewir

Jasem Al-Wrewir

Jasem Al-Wrewir is a Syrian refugee from Ghouta, Syria, who is currently living with his family in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan. Jasem has focused his career on waste management. He formerly managed landfill sites in Syria, and is now using his expertise in waste management to support a recycling project that serves the population of Za’atari camp. He currently works as a Team Leader in the Cash for Work Programme of Oxfam’s Recycling Project in Za’atari Camp.

How recycling helped me regain my purpose

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As a Syrian refugee living in Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, Jasem Al-Wrewir’s opportunities to work are very limited. However, Jasem is using his skills and expertise, developed over a 15 year career in waste management, to improve camp conditions for refugees and minimize environmental impact. Here he reflects on the opportunities and limitations of cash-for-work programmes, as well as …