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Jonathan Parkinson

Jonathan Parkinson

Jonathan is a public health engineer and urban WASH specialist with 20 years of consulting experience working in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Eritrea, India, Kyrgyz Republic, Lao PDR, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Vietnam.His project experience centres on improved urban services delivery including dimensions of infrastructure development; management and financing arrangements, partnerships between government agencies, service providers and civil society; human resource development, policy development and institutional strengthening.

Jane Muthoni, 50, buying ingredients to make homemade yoghurt which she sells to the local community in Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya. 2016. Credit: Allan Gichigi/Oxfam

New standards for humanitarian programmes and markets

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The new Minimum Economic Recovery Standards will support quality market-based programming, and effective working between humanitarian and development practitioners explains Jonathan Parkinson, Oxfam’s Senior WASH Programme Development Adviser. During and after emergencies, both in acute and protracted or reoccurring crises, there is a strong argument for helping affected communities by working with existing market supply chains to provide essential goods …