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Marcella Vigneri

Marcella Vigneri

Marcella Vigneri is a Development Economist with expertise in investigating market and non-market constraints to cash crop smallholders, and looking at the socio-economic dimensions of girls' and women's empowerment in poor countries. Marcella is a research fellow with the Centre of Excellence for Development Research and Learning (CEDIL) at the London School of Hygiene and tropical Medicine. Since 2007 Marcella has been collaborating with the Ghana Strategy Support Program (GSSP) of IFPRI on various studies on the cocoa sector. She recently worked with the ILO-UNICEF ‘Understanding Children’s Works’ Program, and contributed to the 2017 UNCTAD-FAO Commodities and Development report. Formerly with Oxfam GB's Program Quality team as Global Impact Evaluation Adviser, Marcella played a leadership role in quality assuring the portfolio of Oxfam's effectiveness reviews. In 2012, Marcella also acted as quantitative lead for Oxfam's "Women's Collective Action" learning project in Africa. Marcella has previously worked with the World Bank, as research fellow with the ODI, collaborated with the FAO on issues around children's malnutrition and food security in Malawi, and more recently led a quantitative research study on the incidence and causes of child labour in the cocoa sectors of Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire for the International Cocoa Initiative (Switzerland).

Fatimata sits in a classroom in a secondary school in Mali. Credit: Ami Vitale/Oxfam.

Matching by Coarsened Exact Matching?

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Marcella Vigneri introduces a new technique for matching data as part of the programme impact evaluation process. REAL GEEK This blog series is aimed at anyone with an interest in research, evaluation and adaptive learning. Global Impact Evaluation Advisers routinely face the challenge of how to re-create samples of units (be it individuals, families, farmers, or group members) with the …