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Margaret Barihaihi

Margaret Barihaihi

International Coordinator Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA). Margaret is a sustainability specialist, benefiting from 20 years of experience in programme design and management with different international organizations including IUCN, CARE, USAID, World vision, and Oxfam.

Grace from Aciro in Loigolo village in Alaa Parish in Lamwo district, Northern Uganda.

Influencing for systemic transformative change: The ACCRA model

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In this blog, Margaret Barihaihi tells Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance’s (ACCRA) story to inspire development practitioners and partners in making long term impact in the lives of men and women affected by climate change and disasters. ransformative change takes time. Before it can be called transformative, real change in people’s lives has to result from shifts in systems, attitudes, …