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Martin Napisa

Martin Napisa

Martin Napisa is National Coordinator for Kenya's National Taxpayers Association (NTA). Oxfam Kenya works with the NTA on its Domestic Resource Moblisation project. The project aims to support civil society organisations, community based organisations, and communities in Nairobi, Turkana and Wajir counties of Kenya, to be better placed to demand progressive taxation, more accessible public services and accountable government.

A Kenyan school dressed as a judge takes part in an Oxfam campaign

Addressing equity through taxation: A view from Kenya

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Tax revenue is a vital source of funding for essential services such as infrastructure, health and education. In Kenya tax revenue has increased in recent years but Martin Napisa, from the Kenyan National Taxpayers Association argues that action should be taken to make the tax system more effective and fair. n recent years, the icy state of the world economy …