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Nicholas Taylor

Nicholas Taylor

Nicholas Taylor is an urban development specialist currently based between Bangkok and New York. He works as a consultant for development actors such as UNDP, the Rockefeller Foundation or the Asian Development Bank and focuses on various dimensions of urban project strategy, development and implementation. Projects include urban resilience, gender and rural to urban migration, youth empowerment in cities, or green building and city governance. He has recently launched an initiative called Working for Cities that focuses on making cities work better through new tools and working methods to align business, government and community interests.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Credit: Adam Patterson / Oxfam

A new model for economic growth and youth inclusion

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Investing in the skills of young people, start ups and the sharing economy, could be key to fostering socially inclusive economic growth in Asia, argues urban development consultant Nicholas Taylor. Our cities, their inhabitants, and our planet are in danger from cascading sets of urban woes including unsafe housing, rising waters, increased incidences of natural disasters, temperature extremes, inequitable development, …