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Poe Ei Phyu

Poe Ei Phyu

Poe Ei Phyu is Gender Policy Advisor for Oxfam in Myanmar. She has been leading gender related policy work and present at gender working groups and committees as Oxfam's representative for over three years.

Members of the Rakhine Women’s Union which Oxfam’s partner Tat Lan works with. Credit: Dustin Barter/Oxfam

Putting gender at the heart of national budgeting


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Having an accountable system for public spending is central to the democratic relationship between citizens and the state. What if gender inequality was taken into account in the budget process? Poe Ei Phyu and Jasmine Burnley share key findings from Oxfam in Myanmar’s research into gender responsive budgeting. A country’s budget can be the most powerful tool a government has …