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Ruben De Winne

Ruben De Winne

Ruben is a Qualitative Researcher at Oxfam Novib. He specialises in monitoring and evaluation and stories of change. He obtained a master's degree in law (cum laude) at Ghent University. After graduating, Ruben joined the Rwandan NGO The Legal Aid Forum where he conducted research on access to justice in Rwanda.

Result oriented reflection: Notes on the recent Stories of Change workshop for the Inclusion Project

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Oxfam Novib’s World Citizens Panel team recently held a workshop to analyze Stories of Change, a qualitative research method which aims to help practitioners understand how a particular change happens. Ruben De Winne, a Qualitative Researcher at Oxfam Novib, talks us through how they organised the workshop and the outcomes the participants walked away with.  ast April, the World Citizens Panel …