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Tara Gingerich

Tara Gingerich

Tara is Senior Humanitarian Researcher at Oxfam America. Her research focuses on local humanitarian leadership and resilience. Tara has also conducted trends analyses on humanitarian policy and practice for Oxfam America’s strategic and operational planning.Prior to joining Oxfam, Tara worked as a consultant in human rights and humanitarian issues. From 2004-07 she worked with the FXB Center on Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health and served as Director of Programs and Administration at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.

Who is best poised to lead assistance efforts in an emergency? Photo: Neimat Abas / Oxfam

Who needs religious literacy? In a disaster, maybe we all do

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Tara Gingerich reflects on her recent work researching religious literacy; what she realised about her own point of view and why we need to engage with religion. I remember when I first started to talk with Oxfam colleagues about the new research project I would be leading, together with the Harvard Divinity School. It was on how Oxfam and other …