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Veronica Rodriguez Jorge

Veronica is Project Coordinator at Oxfam Mexico.

Women have a key role in positive conflict transformation

Women and transformative leadership

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Verónica Rodríguez Jorge introduces us to Serapaz peace school in Chiapas, Mexico, and explains why women’s participation in conflict transformation is so vital. Las Cruces in Nayarit, Xochicuautla, Coyotepec San Felipe Magú in Mexico State, and Comcac in Sonora are just a few among the many communities in Mexico that are seeking to defend their land and rights through a …

The right to defend human rights in an unequal world: The case of Mexico

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Defenders of human rights often put themselves at personal risk to carry out their work. This blog examines the vulnerabilities human rights and land rights activists face, especially female activists and defenders of land and women’s rights. t the beginning of October we read about a company lawyer in El financiero (ES), a national Mexican newspaper, who was referring to …