Four ways to build youth activism for peace: insights from one UK student’s campaigning on Yemen

Yasmin Turner Active citizenship, Humanitarian, Influencing

Oxfam campaigner Yasmin Turner on how she is working to draw attention to the crisis in Yemen and pressure the UK government to stop the British arms sales fuelling the conflict – from hosting a photographic exhibition to writing to her local MP.

Why a “humanitarian pause” or “humanitarian corridors” are simply not the answer in Gaza

Richard Stanforth Conflict, Emergency, Humanitarian

Why are Oxfam and other humanitarian organisations not welcoming calls for corridors, pauses and so-called “safe zones” to address the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza? Richard Stanforth and Magnus Corfixen explain – and set out why a ceasefire is the only credible solution.

Three ways INGOs can shift power in humanitarian response: lessons from Ukraine

Isabelle Tallec Humanitarian, Power Shifts, Refugees and IDPs

In the run-up to World Humanitarian Day this week, Isabelle Tallec looks at Oxfam’s locally led response to the Ukraine crisis, working with dozens of local and community organisations to support the most marginalised groups of refugees and displaced people.

How ‘cash-for-work’ projects help vulnerable groups in Lebanon – and what they need to do better

Léa Moubayed-Haidar Cash transfers, Humanitarian, Research

Offering temporary jobs on donor-funded and public projects can boost community incomes, as well as women’s economic empowerment and local quality of life. However, our new paper also finds such schemes need to do more to improve long-term economic inclusion and social impact, say Léa Moubayed-Haidar and Christina Elias of the EU-funded Economic Development Policy Unit (EDPU), hosted at Oxfam Lebanon

East Africa vs Ukraine: two tragedies, two very different responses

Duncan Green Drought, Food security, Humanitarian

East Africa is facing its second hunger crisis in a decade, yet it barely registers in the news, and the international system is failing… How did the humanitarian system end up in this mess? Duncan Green on the stark messages from the new Oxfam/Save The Children paper, Dangerous Delay 2, a follow-up to the briefing Dangerous Delay, which warned of the need for change back in 2012

They were promised a fair share of power and resources… so why are local humanitarian actors still waiting?

lydia Zigomo Aid, Humanitarian

In May 2016, at the first-ever  World Humanitarian Summit, world leaders, humanitarian actors and the UN pledged to share power and resources with the local, front-line organisations who are critical to saving lives in humanitarian crises. Five years later, have they delivered on their commitments? The answer, unambiguously, is no. The Istanbul summit promised to “empower national and local humanitarian …

My journey as a female logistician at Oxfam

Yasmin Begum Emergencies, Gender, Humanitarian

Yasmin is a Humanitarian Support Personnel (HSP) Logistician for the Global Humanitarian Team (GHT) since 2016. She is from Bangladesh and has worked in the major humanitarian emergency responses and development programmes in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somaliland, Jordan, and Yemen. Logistics and women Logistics is at the heart of lifesaving work in the humanitarian sector. In …