It’s time to tackle the power imbalance between farmers and agribusiness buyers

Ashley Aarons Agriculture, Power Shifts, Private sector

System change programmes have had significant impacts on farmers and workers around the world. However, says Ashley Aarons, they have tended to ignore the existence and harm of power imbalances. Drawing on Oxfam´s work in Southeast Asia, he suggests new tactics and examples of how to address such imbalances.

How can firms measure progress to gender equality in their supply chains?

Jiselle Steele Agriculture, Gender, Private sector

Jiselle Steele of the Oxfam Business Advisory Service introduces the “Gender Transformative Tracker”, piloted by Oxfam and stakeholders in the seafood industry in south-east Asia – and draws out four key insights from the pilot for boosting gender equality. Read her blog below and join the OBAS webinar on 18th July to find out more.

Four steps to transform women’s lives in coffee farming

Jiselle Steele Agriculture, Gender, Women's Economic Empowerment

Jiselle Steele of the Oxfam Business Advisory Service (OBAS) explains how we are supporting the integration of a “gender transformative approach” into the policies and practices of the coffee industry – and invites you to a webinar next month to learn more

How Agribusiness is fueling the climate crisis in the Amazon

Clemence Abbes Agriculture, Climate Change

Over a year has passed since the world was shocked by the images of the fires blazing across the Amazon. While the world’s attention has moved on, the climate crisis in the Amazon continues – fueled largely by the unchecked expansion of agribusiness.   The Amazon, with its millions of acres of tropical rainforests and savannah ecosystem, spans across several countries in South …

Making markets work in fragile settings

Shekhar Anand Agriculture, Livelihoods, Private sector, Women's Economic Empowerment, Youth

Oxfam OPT’s Economic Justice team shares four lessons learned from their market system development (MSD) work with small-scale farmers in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian Territory affects 4.8 million Palestinians, nearly a quarter of whom live below the poverty line. Among other threats, at least 1.9 million Palestinians experience – or are at risk of …