Why a “humanitarian pause” or “humanitarian corridors” are simply not the answer in Gaza

Richard Stanforth Conflict, Emergency, Humanitarian

Why are Oxfam and other humanitarian organisations not welcoming calls for corridors, pauses and so-called “safe zones” to address the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza? Richard Stanforth and Magnus Corfixen explain – and set out why a ceasefire is the only credible solution.

Institutional Racism in the Aid Sector and how Oxfam is responding

lydia Zigomo General

Institutional racism in the aid sector interconnects with colonialism, and in turn links with the promotion of intersectional feminism. This is due to the role patriarchy plays in defining who is marginalised and discriminated against, by these intersecting systems of oppression.   But what about the aid sector? From my 25 years in the sector, there are two parts – the …