We are closer to seeing the world’s first trillionaire than ending poverty: that’s why we need fair taxes now

Chiara Putaturo In the news, Inequality, Tax

Oxfam’s new Davos report highlights how our economic system funnels billions to billionaires while ordinary workers lose. A big part of the solution has to be new wealth and windfall taxes, including a European wealth tax, says Chiara Putaturo.

Local to global campaigns challenging power and patriarchy

Charikleia Poucha Gender, Influencing, Violence Against Women and Girls

Chariklea Poucha and Gopika Bashi describe how co-creation, innovation & taking a feminist approach to campaigning has enabled the Enough campaign to start shifting social norms that perpetuate violence against women and girls. Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed the extraordinary power of people coming together to demand a fairer world. The Occupy movement highlighted the ever-increasing wealth divide. #MeToo …