The clean energy transition needs to be fast – but it must also be fair

Ruth Mayne Climate Change, Inequality, Research

Dante Dalabajan and Ruth Mayne introduce a new Oxfam research report – produced by staff and partners from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, US and Europe. The paper investigates the implications of the clean energy transition for lower-income countries and communities and asks how the world can achieve a truly just, as well as fast, transition.

As UN experts call for an end to greenwashing, it’s time for companies to step up on net zero

Danielle Smith Climate Change, Private sector

Companies in the richest countries have still not agreed to climate measures that are in line with staying below 1.5 degrees. Danielle Smith and Hilde Stroot welcome new guidance from a UN panel, released at COP27, to push action by firms on corporate net-zero plans – and set out five key ways in which its recommendations will lead to climate justice.

A historic legal victory for climate justice in France

Armelle Le Comte Climate Change, Influencing

On February 3rd 2021 in Paris, a landmark ruling found the French at fault for failing to take enough action to tackle the climate crisis. Two years after the launch of the “Case of the Century” by four NGOs including Oxfam France, this decision should serve as a warning to other governments to keep in line with their public commitments …