My experience in Yemen shows progress is possible on water, sanitation and livelihoods – but all of this could be undone if violence returns

Fayad Al-Derwish Conflict, Fragile contexts, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Nine years since the conflict in Yemen began, Oxfam Water and Sanitation Lead Fayad Al-Derwish reflects on positive changes he has seen in his two years in the job, calls for urgent action to meet the needs of displaced people returning to devastated homes, and shares his worries for the future if conflict re-ignites.

Cash on the move: Supporting Venezuelan migrants in Colombia

Corrie Sissons Cash transfers, Refugees and IDPs

An unfolding crisis in Colombia As you walk across the Simon Bolivar bridge from Venezuela to Colombia’s Norte De Santander region it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the sheer mass of humanity jostling to enter. They are all fleeing the spiralling socio-economic crisis in Venezuela which until now has caused over 4 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants worldwide. Around …

What I learned at CaLP’s Cash and Gender Event

Steph Roberson Cash transfers, Gender

Steph Roberson reflects back on CaLP’s recent cash week in London, and particularly on their gender and cash event.  I recently attended CaLP’s Gender and Cash event in London. And it turns out there is quite a lot we don’t know about gender and cash transfer programming. CaLP have collected a range of technical papers on gender and cash, and …