Are schools facing a squeeze on social justice activism and debate?

John McLaverty Active citizenship, Education, Youth Participation

New government ‘impartiality guidance’ advises teachers in England to provide ‘opposing views’ to campaigning movements such as Black Lives Matter – and to discourage students from taking any action that aims to change policy. John McLaverty and Safia Mizon Thioune set out their concerns

Will the Generation Equality Forum deliver for women’s Rights?

Naomi Shadrack Agriculture, Gender

The global movement for gender equality, also known as the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) is now in full speed. It is structured around six Action Coalitions: innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships involving governments, international organizations, civil society and youth-led organizations, as well as private sector companies and philanthropic foundations. It is the continuation of efforts toward keeping the promises of the Beijing Platform …

On the Path to End Violence Against Women: Supporting civil society to combat GBV in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Razan Wazwaz Gender, Violence Against Women and Girls

Violence against women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) does not only stem from deeply-rooted patriarchal norms, but also from the experience of the Israeli occupation. Existing literature shows a direct link between the increase in Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and exposure to occupation-related violence. The more people are exposed to violence from the occupation or perpetuated by settlers, …

Should companies act when civic freedoms are under attack?

Mauricio Lazala Active citizenship, General, Influencing, Private sector, Rights

Mauricio Lazala and Ana Zbona, from the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, discuss how companies can help support civic freedoms and human rights defenders in the countries where they operate. Civic freedoms are being eroded around the world. According to CIVICUS, nearly six in ten countries are seriously restricting people’s fundamental freedoms of association, peaceful assembly and expression. Civil …

Working together to protect, expand and reshape civic space

Inga Ferber Active citizenship, General, Governance, Influencing

Civic space is vital to defeating poverty. Inga Ferber introduces a new briefing on the importance of protecting and expanding spaces where people can raise their voices and be heard without fear. Poverty reduction – an increasingly dangerous endeavour Defeating poverty has never been easy. Nobody knows that better than our local partners and allies around the world who dedicate their …

World-wide influencing: what is it?

Steve Price-Thomas Active citizenship, General, Governance, Influencing

A changing world poses new challenges, and opens up new opportunities, for Oxfam’s work to end poverty, inequality, and injustice. Steve Price Thomas, Oxfam International’s Director of Advocacy and Campaigns explains why Oxfam has adopted a ‘world-wide influencing’ approach, as part of a series on influencing for change. Our world faces seismic shifts—is Oxfam prepared to deal with them? More …