Will the new loss and damage fund replicate the same old exclusion of local voices and organisations?

Lyndsay Walsh Climate Change, Events, Power Shifts

How can a community-based organisation with three staff compete with the World Bank or an INGO for resources to address climate damage? Lyndsay Walsh on why this week’s crucial pre-COP meeting on recommendations to establish the loss and damage fund must create more space, money and support for local organisations.

How are land rights connected to climate justice?

Pubudini Wickramaratne Climate Change, Land rights, Research

Pubudini Wickramaratne and Rashmini de Silva introduce a new paper that spotlights the voices of rural Asians suffering loss and damage to their land and explain how secure land rights are essential to increasing climate resilience.

Are you a rich country trying to dodge paying for climate damage? Here are tactics that have worked for decades

Lyndsay Walsh Climate Change, Drought, Influencing

As the Loss and Damage Collaboration launches a new report ahead of COP27, Lyndsay Walsh reveals the blocking tactics wealthy countries have used to avoid paying for climate loss and damage. But could COP27 be the moment they run out of excuses for delay?

Three ways to boost resilience in the face of Yemen’s colliding crises

Fayad Al-Derwish Cash transfers, Livelihoods, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

From helping small business owners get back on their feet, to securing water supplies, to building climate resilience, Fayad Al-Derwish explains how Oxfam in Yemen is supporting conflict-affected families through difficult times, in a blog for World Humanitarian Day

From climate science to climate action

Jesse DeMaria-Kinney Climate Change, Research

Jesse DeMaria Kinney reflects back on the Adaptation Futures Conference and calls for more adaptation action building on the rich pool of global research and knowledge now available. Here and now. Here I am now, having returned from nearly three weeks of climate change adaptation packed reflection and learning in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s been exhausting but rewarding as …

Transformational climate adaptation: beyond business-as-usual

Nick Brooks Climate Change

People around the world are faced with the challenge of adapting to changing climatic conditions, but what happens when small changes are not enough or are not even possible? Nick Brooks, Director of Garama 3C Ltd makes the case for transformational adaptation. Most of today’s adaptation interventions involve incremental approaches intended to protect and sustain existing systems and practices, rather …

Does knowledge matter in setting the development agenda?

Daniel Morchain Climate Change, Governance

Are marginalised people being overlooked in decision making processes around development and adaptation? Daniel Morchain reflects on the relationship between knowledge and power to influence outcomes. The more I think about development challenges, and the more I see and hear people talking about them, the more I think they come down to a struggle between knowledge and power. Knowledge in the …

Why must climate change be de-naturalised and re-politicised?

Daniel Morchain Climate Change

Food insecurity, conflict and climate change are among many stresses often originated in or made worse by bad, unrepresentative governance. Daniel Morchain, Global Adviser on Climate Change Adaptation, examines the biased nature in which climate change is often approached and calls for a more complex framing in order to avoid missing its manifold dimensions. he reason why taking photographs has …