The injustice over vaccines is being replayed: as rich countries deny billions access to lifesaving COVID-19 treatments

Harry Bignell Health, Influencing, Rights

The World Trade Organisation decision in June – far from being the comprehensive waiver we campaigned for – outrageously omitted life-saving tests and treatments, says Harry Bignell. Now the UK and other rich countries must unblock access to medicines and diagnostics, or risk devastating global consequences

Inspiring Radically Better Futures

Ruth Mayne Active citizenship, Influencing, Participation and Leadership

The Inspiring Better Futures case study series is a collective endeavour with contributions from many people around the world. Hope has been quite the buzzword in 2020. And hope is surely needed given that 2020 has seen the collision of multiple crises: the climate emergency, economic inequality, gender injustice, racial inequality and the coronavirus pandemic. This collision of crises has …

Podcast: Coronavirus and Web Data Analysis

Simone Lombardini Methodology, Real Geek

Social media has the potential to profoundly influence the way society works. Social media has been used for understanding crowd sizes from Instagram posts and to analyse hate speech and to understand presidential elections. Or more recently to improve our understanding of the lived realities of women and girls. So, how can we gather data from social media platforms and …