INGOs must share data and power with local partners – but that doesn’t mean dumping privacy risks onto them

Lori Roussey Governance, Power Shifts

In the future, more smaller, local aid organisations will be involved in collecting data – but their international partners must not forget they still have important ethical and legal duties when it comes to privacy, says Lori Roussey

Oxfam’s new policy on biometrics explores safe and responsible data practice

James Eaton-Lee ICT4D, Protection

By James Eaton-Lee and Elizabeth Shaughnessy  The collection and processing of biometric data – data which is linked to the human body or its behaviour – such as fingerprints or facial recognition – has become significantly more common in humanitarian contexts worldwide in the last five years.  Few donors or large INGOs have not had a position on biometric data or had some experience rolling this out. But this …

How we’ve put into practice GDPR and conducting impact evaluations

Jaynie Vonk Methodology, Real Geek

We have been thinking a lot about the right to privacy lately, in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our role in Oxfam as impact evaluation advisers. The incorporation of this right in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights reflects a broad recognition that privacy is fundamental to dignity and freedom. We know that when individuals are …