What would a feminist loss and damage fund look like?

Myrah Nerine Butt Climate Change, Gender, Research

Myrah Nerine and Alex Bush introduce a new paper that calls on decision makers at COP28 to pay attention to the gendered impacts of the climate emergency.

Five things we need for a feminist economic future

Rachel Noble Economics, Events, Gender

Why is debt a feminist issue? And why is it time to advance alternatives to GDP? Rachel Noble reports back from an inspiring gathering of the International Association for Feminist Economics in Cape Town.

Women, Voice and Power: Making a Development Case for Transformative Feminist Leadership

Emily Brown Gender, Participation and Leadership, Women's Economic Empowerment

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a terrifying reality worldwide, Southern feminist activists have organized together to provide both immediate local services and long-term support to those affected by poverty, violence and oppression. They have effectively organised environmental, anti-racist, labour, peace and political movements across communities to promote and protect women’s rights and social justice. Here is MADRE, for …

Transformative leadership is not just a buzzword

Ines Smyth Gender, Participation and Leadership, Rights

Since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a terrifying reality worldwide, women have organised together across environmental, anti-racist, labour and political movements to provide immediate local care and support to those affected. They have reimagined the deep, fundamental changes we need for a shared future that is more just, safe and kind.   These include formal strategy propositions like the Hawaii State …

Between a feminist and operational approach to Afghan women in the police

Dr. Jorrit Kamminga Gender, Participation and Leadership

Political uncertainty has reigned in Afghanistan following the US-Taliban deal signed in February 2020 and the dispute around who the legitimate president was following the elections in September last year. On 9 March two presidents were sworn in on the same day. The dispute was solved in May but political divisions continue to hamper the functioning of the Afghan government. …

Podcast: Feminist leadership in the hardest places to be a woman

Fenella Porter Gender, Participation and Leadership

[buzzsprout episode=’2767624′ player=’true’] As part of Oxfam’s Breaking New Ground Series, we host a  panel of inspiring female leaders from the world of politics and civil society. The panel discuss their perspectives on what feminist leadership means to them and the importance of women’s participation in peace building and political life. The event took place in London on the 3rd …

Feminist leadership in action

Damaris Ruiz Agriculture, Gender, Inequality, Influencing, Participation and Leadership, Violence Against Women and Girls

Tamsin Smith interviews Damaris Ruiz, Yohanka Valdes, and Maritza Gallardo Lopez, from Oxfam’s Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) Regional Women’s Rights and Gender Justice group. They share five ways they are bringing feminist learning into the centre of our organization. Formed five years ago, the LAC Regional Women’s Rights and Gender Justice group comprises Oxfam staff and members of feminist …