Supermarkets are assessing human rights abuses in their supply chains – here’s what they need to do better

Eline Achterberg Agriculture, Private sector, Rights

Eline Achterberg introduces a new Oxfam briefing that supports supermarkets to improve their “human rights impact assessments” in food supply chains – and, crucially, to take action to make real change to workers’ lives.

Africa is so rich in farmland – so why is it still hungry?

Anthony Kamande Agriculture, Food & livelihoods, Food security

Farmers who can’t afford fertiliser or pesticides will never feed themselves – or our continent, say Anthony Kamande and Dailes Judge. That means, alongside action on climate change, conflict and market reforms, leaders and policymakers at this week’s African Union meeting must address massive under-investment in agriculture

Corona Boom: How supermarkets became pandemic winners while women workers lose out

Rachel Wilshaw Inequality

With nearly 85% of the adult population having received at least one vaccination, UK citizens can look forward to seeing loved ones, having a holiday and going back into the workplace. By contrast, in the countries Oxfam where conducted research in 2020 (Brazil, Thailand, India, Pakistan and South Africa), just 9% had received a Covid jab by late June 2021, …