A fresh approach to visual communications in development: allow me to illustrate

Isabelle Kermeen Active citizenship, Rights

2020 brought many surprises. At the beginning of the pandemic, the last thing I expected was to be coaching voice actors down a crackly line to a recording studio in Afghanistan. My organisation, Integrity Action, was producing an animated video to showcase one of the impact stories from our work – this was part of our shift, over recent years, …

Women’s land rights on paper are not enough

Pubudini Wickramaratne Gender, Land rights

Land is critical to our daily lives. It is intrinsically linked with our identity, dignity, livelihoods, food, housing, education and health. Secure land rights are essential to sustainable and equitable economic development as well as to social and political development. This holds true, especially for women.  For women to have secure land rights, the legal and policy framework must recognise …

Low costs, high risks, and empty promises? The price of oil in East Africa

Andrew Bogrand Climate Change, Land rights, Natural Resources

If constructed, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) would become the world’s longest heated pipeline. Communities that will be impacted are worried about their land, money, environment, and future. Oxfam is urging project developers and the governments of Uganda and Tanzania to listen to these communities and take immediate action.

Putting people’s voices first

Deborah Sambu ICT4D, Methodology, Research Leave a Comment

Using innovative research approaches, Africa’s Voices Foundation share how they use technology to reach the hardest to reach.  Development and governance should be led by the views of those who are affected by its implementation. This is our goal as Africa’s Voices Foundation. By using innovative research approaches, we help to open communication channels between organisations and communities, so that …

Taxation conversation over the airways

Sue Moore ICT4D, Inequality, Tax 1 Comment

Based on conversations with those involved, Sue Moore reflects on a recent programme to encourage discussion on how the government spends taxes in Kenya and improve understanding of tax compliance behaviour. Tax is a hot topic for Kenyans with many public conversations around how the government raises and spends this revenue. Kenya’s constitution recognises the right to public participation in …

Solar pumps, the simple solution we’ve been looking for?

Brian McSorely Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Leave a Comment

Brian McSorely introduces to solar pumps, the developments he’s seen over his career and his hopes for the technology for the future. Whilst World Water Day is a time to remind ourselves of the injustice that up to one billion people still lack access to safe water, this year I am going to focus on the positive achievements that I’ve …

Addressing equity through taxation: A view from Kenya

Martin Napisa Inequality, Tax Leave a Comment

Tax revenue is a vital source of funding for essential services such as infrastructure, health and education. In Kenya tax revenue has increased in recent years but Martin Napisa, from the Kenyan National Taxpayers Association argues that action should be taken to make the tax system more effective and fair. n recent years, the icy state of the world economy …