Three ways to boost resilience in the face of Yemen’s colliding crises

Fayad Al-Derwish Cash transfers, Livelihoods, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

From helping small business owners get back on their feet, to securing water supplies, to building climate resilience, Fayad Al-Derwish explains how Oxfam in Yemen is supporting conflict-affected families through difficult times, in a blog for World Humanitarian Day

Land is where it all begins

Barbara Codispoti Climate Change, Food & livelihoods, Gender, Land rights

When land rights are jeopardised, so are the livelihoods of the people who depend on it. As Oxfam launches a new land rights website, Barbara Codispoti highlights some of the key things we have learned. Land is so much more than just a means for production. Securing rights to land allows people greater political power, community representation, and economic security. …

Shaking up the system: Improving the tea industry and workers lives in Malawi

Daniel Morchain Climate Change, Food & livelihoods

One year into Malawi 2020 Daniel Morchain looks how some of the stakeholders are working with the tea labourers central to the project to ensure that the tea industry in Malawi meets its responsibilities and leads the way in being socially responsible, just and fair. alawi’s economy runs on tobacco, tea, sugarcane and coffee. In the Southern districts of Mulanje …