How can we tell a new story that boosts support for all care and carers?

Silvia Galandini Influencing, Poverty in the UK, Research

The millions of paid and unpaid carers across the UK – including parents and guardians of children, social care and childcare workers, and unpaid carers for disabled, ill and elderly people – desperately need a new deal. Silvia Galandini, Anam Parvez (both Oxfam GB) and Nick Gadsby (The Answer) introduce a new toolkit that can help build public pressure for change, by constructing a fresh and compelling narrative about the value of all care.

Decolonising development narratives

Shaz Elahee General

Narratives around “development”  On January 6th 2021, white supremacists stormed the US capitol after months of lies and misinformation about election fraud was spread by Donald Trump and his allies. Several reporters and prominent politicians called the violent insurrection “unamerican,” likening the scenes to a “banana republic” and saying “those are the sorts of things that happen in third-world nations.” Reporting live on …

Change is all about the narrative

Caroline Cassidy Influencing

It’s always useful when someone puts together a summary and synthesis of a larger piece of work. Thanks to Caroline Cassidy who put this blog together, inspired by Narrative Power and Collective Action Volumes 1 and 2. Isabel Crabtree-Condor 2020 feels like an intense novel – you’re desperate to get to the end of the story and hope it will …