Bernie Sanders on billionaires, inequality and the fight against ‘global oligarchy’

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We’re delighted that Senator Bernie Sanders has written a foreword to this year’s Davos report. Here are his powerful thoughts on our bleak economic reality – but also reasons to be hopeful as more and more people join the fight for economic justice.

Will growth be enough to end poverty by 2030? It really doesn’t look like it…

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Our sobering analysis shows the world looks set to miss the UN’s flagship development goals for 2030 by a wide margin. That means millions of lives blighted unnecessarily by sickness, poverty, and death unless we see radical policy changes, say Arief Anshory Yusuf, Zuzy Anna, Ahmad Komarulzaman and Andy Sumner.

10 brilliant questions you asked about Oxfam’s inequality report

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Oxfam’s new report, ‘The Inequality Virus’, reveals that the wealth of the ten richest men has increased by half a trillion dollars since the pandemic began. This is more than enough to pay for a vaccine for all and prevent anyone on Earth from falling into poverty because of the virus. We have received lots of great questions about the report, here’s our …

10 brilliant questions you asked about Oxfam’s inequality report

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Oxfam’s new inequality report, which reveals that the world’s billionaires —just 2,153 people— have more wealth than 4.6 billion people, is making headlines across the globe. Since we launched our report, we have received lots of interesting questions. Here’s our response to ten of the most frequently asked questions. 1. What does women’s unpaid care work have to do with billionaires? …

Can official development assistance be reformed to help the poorest countries?

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The rules defining official development assistance, a key poverty reduction tool, are currently being revised by the OECD. But if governments and citizens from the South are not consulted more, this reform is likely to be in their detriment. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is currently revising the rules defining what can be counted as official development …